Web Design

One of the best ways to start your personal brand or promote your business is to build a website. However, building a professional-looking website without spending too much can be hard. You can find free templates online to help guide you through the design process, but if you would like to start from scratch, it can be trickier.

You can hire a local web design agency to build a unique website but depend on the complexity you desire; it can be quite expensive. A better idea would be to download software that can guide you through the steps involved in coding a website or sit back and allow you to do your thing.

Here are the top 7 free web design software for users of different skill levels from beginners to professionals.

1. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CofeeCup Free HTML Editor is a free version of the premium paid software, which costs about $80. Being a free version, it lacks the premium features available in the full version. Still, it has enough tools to create a fully functional website. It has a Help feature to guide beginners through the design process and you can always turn it off once you are comfortable with your web designing skills.

2. Bluefish

Bluefish is one of the most comprehensive software offerings discussed here. Some of the features available in Bluefish include full-screen editing, inline spell check, and autocomplete. Bluefish also allows you to easily add video, charts, and graphs to a page.

3. PageBreeze

PageBreeze is very basic software but gets the job done. It is the best option for those that would like a simple, professional website. The software walks a user through each step meaning that even those without any programming knowledge can easily use it. The only catch with PageBreeze is that it is only Windows-compatible and you must haveweb design Internet Explorer installed.

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is part of the Active State suite and is great for CSS and HTML work. While Komodo Edit might not have the features that CoffeeCup does, it is still a great way for beginner web designers to code great looking websites. One of its best features is the simple method for adding special characters and different languages. This is a great option for bilingual companies or those businesses looking to expand their global reach.

5. OpenBEXI

OpenBEXI is web design software designed to make the whole process as easy as possible. All you have to do is drag and drop text, graphs, and pictures. Formatting items once they are on the page can be hard, but if you would like quick website design, this is the tool you require.

6. Brackets

Brackets ensure that desktop clutter is always kept to a minimum by eliminating multiple windows and large tool boxes. A great feature available in Brackets is that changes are made to a page immediately without the need to refresh or save each time. This ensures that results are seen more quickly.

7. Alleycode

Sync review is one of the coolest features in Alleycode. It allows any changes made to be visible in real time. The focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another unique feature. The software provides you with site rankings and offers suggestions on how to improve the Meta data on your website, which helps increase its visibility to the search engines.

Final Thoughts

Web sites are the best way to build brands and promote businesses. A great, simple, and inexpensive way to build websites is to use web design software. The seven web design software discussed in this article are all excellent options that you can use in your web design efforts.