Is Google SEO Still Possible Today?

With all of the algorithm updates and potential penalties, many people have given up on SEO in frustration. It is true that optimizing a website to rank well in search engines is a bit trickier and slower than it was in the past, but some sites are still ranking on the first page of results.

If some sites can rank well, it might still be very possible to research their tactics to come up with some tactics of your own. This is how professional SEOs manage to learn how to provide good results when they offer to help rank websites.

What SEO Tactics Work Today

Some things have changed, but many are still the same. These should be included as the foundation for your efforts.

— Quality websites: A site should have good and relevant content, relevant text, headings, and titles, and navigation that allows both uses and search bots to find all of the pages.

Quality links and citations: Links or mentions from other relevant and high-quality online properties still help rankings. These could be from relevant web pages, social networks, highly ranked profiles, and more.

These days, it seems like less is more when you want to rank your site high in major search engines. Instead of getting thousands of low-quality links, it is better to concentrate on obtaining a handful of very good links and mentions.

Instead of stuffing keywords in your text or titles, you want to add your key phrase carefully and also use some synonyms of that key phrase. Search engines are getting much smarter, and they can recognize synonyms and related key words, sometimes called LSI key phrases.

As for content, you might want to make a mix of different types of content. This can include good articles, pictures, and even videos. Even though there is not always one type of best content, there may be some advantages to providing a mix of different types. In fact, one measure of a site may be how long you can keep users engaged. If a mixture of different types of content keeps users engaged longer, your site may also do better in search engines!

Google SEO is Not Dead!

Working to rank your website on major search engines can still be effective and profitable. You may just need to approach it with a good plan to provide quality for your users.

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Last Modified: November 13, 2017