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We are starting businesses to make money and all marketing that we do is to make money. Typically, marketing costs a lot of money. Advertising on radio and TV are expensive. Some forms of marketing are no longer useful, such as many forms of print media. The form of marketing that is the cheapest and that has the greatest potential for success is Internet marketing. Some business owners believe that having a website is good enough but they are wrong. What good is a website when hardly anyone visits it? The Internet is the new phone directory and it is where everyone goes when they need to find any type of product and service. The problem that you have is that no one finds you on the Internet.

Getting Found

Your goal is to get on the first page of Google and other search engines so that when someone is looking for a business in your industry, they find you before one of your competitors, this website has more info you may contact us.

What Is SEO? Internet marketing is a competition and one that is worth winning. Those who win make the most money and get the most customers. “When you play the Game of Thrones, you play to win.” Your number one goal is to first get found and this takes SEO.

Why Bloggers Should Know SEO


It is very important for a blogger to know about SEO. It can make or break a website. It is the best way to figure out how to grow your blog and gain more traffic. It is the best way to become a better blogger.

By taking the time to learn about it, a blogger can really improve and in the end, make more money. It will take some time to really understand SEO and what you can do to change things to make it better. It can be a journey but it is worth it.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it has to do with how often a website comes up in a search. The better SEO you have, the more people will see your site in the search engine. Stream Share marketing advised; the better you can do with this, the better your site will be.

It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to improve it. There are a lot of different factors that make a website successful or not. It is best to take your time on it and find a way to make it work for you.

It is best to do some research on search engines and how they work. Once you can figure that out you will have a better understanding of what you can do to have your site rank higher. It can be hard to know what is going on when you don’t understand how a search engine works.

When it comes to optimizing your site, you will want to edit some of your content. Doing this will help your site become more popular. You might need to add keywords or change the ones you have been using.

It might be best to get a few books on the subject. This way you can take the time to really understand how it all works. You can make notes and make a plan for how you are going to change things.

People who take the time to do this have much better results with their blogs than people who do not. It is important to remember that although different methods work for different people, a lot of methods can help anyone. If you have a blog you want to grow, you will need to be able to learn about SEO and use it every day to help your traffic.


Is Google SEO Still Possible Today?

With all of the algorithm updates and potential penalties, many people have given up on SEO in frustration. It is true that optimizing a website to rank well in search engines is a bit trickier and slower than it was in the past, but some sites are still ranking on the first page of results.

If some sites can rank well, it might still be very possible to research their tactics to come up with some tactics of your own. This is how professional SEOs manage to learn how to provide good results when they offer to help rank websites.

What SEO Tactics Work Today

Some things have changed, but many are still the same. These should be included as the foundation for your efforts.

— Quality websites: A site should have good and relevant content, relevant text, headings, and titles, and navigation that allows both uses and search bots to find all of the pages.

Quality links and citations: Links or mentions from other relevant and high-quality online properties still help rankings. These could be from relevant web pages, social networks, highly ranked profiles, and more.

These days, it seems like less is more when you want to rank your site high in major search engines. Instead of getting thousands of low-quality links, it is better to concentrate on obtaining a handful of very good links and mentions.

Instead of stuffing keywords in your text or titles, you want to add your key phrase carefully and also use some synonyms of that key phrase. Search engines are getting much smarter, and they can recognize synonyms and related key words, sometimes called LSI key phrases.

As for content, you might want to make a mix of different types of content. This can include good articles, pictures, and even videos. Even though there is not always one type of best content, there may be some advantages to providing a mix of different types. In fact, one measure of a site may be how long you can keep users engaged. If a mixture of different types of content keeps users engaged longer, your site may also do better in search engines!

Google SEO is Not Dead!

Working to rank your website on major search engines can still be effective and profitable. You may just need to approach it with a good plan to provide quality for your users.

Current Trends In Search Engine Optimisation

Current Trends In Search Engine Optimization

If you run your own website or blog, or in fact spend any time on the Internet (and who doesn’t)you will have heard the term “search engine optimization”. Also abbreviated to the acronym SEO, search engine optimization is a term used for the tactics of using certain keywords to improve a website’s search engine ranking.

In years gone by search engine rankings (where you appear in the search results)was dependent to a large extent on how “keyword rich” your sire was. This led to a situation where site owners and SEO experts were simply flooding articles and websites with certain words and phrases.

This practice led to articles which did not read well and in extreme cases were simply gibberish, with no context and no effort being made to engage the reader in any way.

The case today is very different. Google, which runs the most popular search engine in the world is making every effort to encourage site owners and SEO experts to clean up their act. A & T Riedel stressed that; what Google wants to see is sites that are filled with good content. This content needs to add value to the experience of the Internet user through providing unique and valuable information.

The information supplied can be in the form of video, images or copy. In fact, many content experts believe that a combination of these three is the secret (or not so secret) formula to attracting more visitors to their online channels, be they blogs, the social media or their websites.

The more quality content that a website has, the more links it will attract. In essence, the content is attractive to other site owners who may feature that content on their own websites and provide a link to the original source. Google recognizes that this type of content is shared willingly due to its unique high-quality information and rewards the developers of such content with a higher search engine ranking.

The production of quality content is especially important in the social media due to the ease with which it can be shared. Goof content can reach millions of social media users, allowing a business to increase traffic to their site and increasing the possibility of making sales.

The rise of unique and engaging content has not meant the end of search engine optimization through the use of keywords. Today the job of the SEO expert is to produce articles and content that is rich in keywords (but not too rich, around 3 – 4% of an article should be keywords)but still readable and interesting to the site visitor, in other words adhere to the Google guidelines for the production of unique and value-added content that enriches the Internet experience of the user.

Many companies choose to make use of SEO experts in order to increase both their site ranking and optimize their content. In addition to keywords, these experts will also recommend behind the scenes changes to the website itself (such as meta tagging) which increase search engine rankings.

Online Marketing Australia

Three Tips for Online Marketing Success

Marketing your product or service online involves far more than creating a simple web page and waiting for traffic to a role in. Instead, you need to find ways to connect with your target audience, while at the same time differentiating your business from the crowd. The following tips will help ensure that your online marketing efforts are a success.

Make Real Connections

Instead of filling your site with ads and sales letters, focus on finding ways to build long-term relationships with your visitors. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, and provide high-quality content so they will return to your site over and over again.

Provide Value

Think about what your customers or visitors need, and then find ways to provide it for them. Make the content on your website as helpful as possible. Always put your customer’s needs before your own. By doing so, you can create loyal fans who are happy to support your company and spread the word about your products.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has made it possible to connect with your market like never before. Create engaging social content that people will actually want to share. Think about ways to incorporate viral videos, eye-catching photos, helpful infographics and interesting headlines into your posts to gain followers and fans. Streamshare P/L warned to avoid using social media solely as a way of promoting your products. Instead, focus primarily on providing excellent content, with occasional ads scattered in between.

Incorporate Mobile Marketing in Your Online Marketing Strategy

These days a large percentage of the population accesses the Internet through smartphones and tablets. It is important to design your website and marketing materials in a responsive way that displays correctly on both desktop and mobile users. If your website is outdated or static, it is worth hiring a web designer to redesign it so it displays correctly for whichever device is being used to access it. You may even want to consider having two separate versions of your site one for mobile users and one for desktop or laptop users.

Online marketing has come a long way from the days of pushy sales letters. Instead of trying too hard sell your visitors, it is important to work on building long-term relationships and gaining their trust. By doing so, you can create devoted fans who are excited to support your business and spread the word about your products.