Local SEO

The “Snack Pack” refers to the top 3 listings that Google considers the most relevant local businesses to a search by a user. Every business wishes to be in the snack pack, but unfortunately, it is not possible. If you would like to improve your chances of ranking in the “Snack Pack” here are the top strategies. Tips supplied by Local SEO Brisbane company.

1. Authority/Quality of Citations

Citations are considered the most important ranking factors because Google considers unique information that links to your website as one of the primary ranking factors. The main focus of Google is the users since they would like them to get the best information possible. If your site offers the best original content and information, you will rank highly.

2. Authority/Quality of Inbound Links

The quality of your inbound links refers to how they are integrated into other sites as well as their reason for being there. For example, if your article is featured on another website this will be considered as a quality link. The authority of inbound links refers to the authority the domain hosting the link possesses. For instance, if Forbes features your article, this will help you rank higher since Forbes has great authority.

3. Website Domain Authority

Domain authority is a tool that Moz has developed. If you download a toolbar that Moz offers on its website you will find a score on the left side of the bar that determines the chances of your website ranking highly for a particular keyword. The higher the score on the Moz toolbar, the higher the chances of your website ranking highly.

4. Domain Content Keyword Relevance

The focus of Google on keywords has slowly relaxed over the years mostly because domains were oversaturated with them. However, it is still a ranking factor particularly considering that Google checks whether the keywords are related to your domain and not just for optimizing your rankings.

5. The Number Of Native Google Reviews

Google now uses reviews from customers to determine rankings due to their growing importance. The number of local seoreviews on Google+ determines how useful your website is to users and by extension potential customers.

6. Quantity Of Inbound Links

Just as the quality of inbound links is important the quality of inbound links matters too. The higher the number of inbound links from trustworthy domains the more your site will be considered to be high quality and authority similar to them. The important thing is to ensure that you do this in the right way by ensuring that you only choose trustworthy websites. If you choose a known spam site, you can ruin your chances of ranking highly since yours will be considered guilty by association.

7. The Proximity Of Address To The Point Of Search

The distance between your business and the person searching for it matters since somebody from a different country will obviously not use your business. If your focus is selling to local customers, you will want to optimize your website for those closest as opposed to those furthest. For example, a lawyer offering legal services in New York would not feature in California for somebody searching for a specific type of legal service (such as divorce) since they are not local to that user. The distance between a searcher and a business determines whether it is a local search or not.

Final Thoughts

Google’s “Snack Pack” is the place where all businesses wish to be and while it can be a bit of a challenge to consistently feature there, it is possible. The seven strategies discussed in this article are guaranteed to help businesses all over rank in the “Snack Pack” and should be adopted.